Saturday, July 13, 2013

Los Angeles

I know that I’ve been away from my blog for an unreasonably long while, but not quite long enough for me to show up in Los Angeles, California…as my title might imply.  The drive back from Colorado was twenty-one hours of me staring down millions of truckers on Interstate 80…really the only route the US has if you want to get into the west fast.  After getting back to Ely, I had a momentary breather before I was moving my stuff back down to Duluth—another two hours tacked onto my weeks’ driving.  But all of this irrelevant to the point I’m working towards, so I’m just going to jump right into it…why LA?

Just before I embarked on my adventure in Ireland, one of my closest friends set off on her own journey.  I met Ayjiah M. at Vermilion Community College in Ely, Minnesota and the first thing that I learned about her was that she wanted to be an actress.  (The second thing was that we both are addicted to Chinese food, which resulted in countless late night drives to the nearest buffet…45 minutes from Ely).  I’ve met a lot of people who said they wanted to be actresses.  Really, who wouldn’t want the ‘fame’ and ‘fortune’?  But I never knew anyone brave enough to do anything about it.  Until I met Ayjiah.  She left everything she knew to follow her dreams.  Living in Los Angeles, California is probably the biggest leap you can make from living in Ely, Minnesota and she has made it alone.

          It's not often that I meet people who truly inspire I figured that it would be worth my time to spend a moment telling the world about her.  With an entirely new life in a whole new place, I hope that this post finds Ayjiah happy and safe.  I miss my friend...but I'm so happy that she has the opportunity to find her dream.

          I’m off to do something about breakfast now…I think my subconscious is picking out pictures of Duluth’s food just to torture my empty belly.  Have a look at the link, Ayjiah really is worth it.  J


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